Under normal conditions, York County Natural Gas Authority will extend service lines up to 300 feet provided at least one year-round use appliance (ex. water heater, stove, dryer) or a central heating system (gas pack or central furnace) is installed. If the service line requires directional borings, creek, bridge or railroad crossings, or any other obstacle, then it is not considered a normal service and may require aid-in-construction. A request may be denied if these obstacles prove to be physically or financially prohibitive.


For any request beyond 300 feet, an aid-in-construction fee will be charged.


We can normally install the gas service line within three weeks of the date we receive the appropriate form(s). Please plan to request your service before you need it to be assured of timely installation. If there is an emergency situation, please call us at 803.323.5304 to see if we can meet your need.


Fees to Establish Service:

    • Service Origination Fee
    • Tap Fee
    • Aid in Construction Fee (if applicable)
    • Deposit (if applicable)


Refer to our Fee Summary for fee information.


Please complete our Online Application to establish service and to request service lines for your homes.

    • An application is required for each address (location) needing a gas service line.


The service line and metering equipment remain under the ownership and control of YCNGA. Ordinarily, the meter will be located on the side of the house, away from a driveway. However, YCNGA reserves the right to determine the specific location of the service line and metering equipment.





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Contact us:

customer service: 803-323-5304 

toll-free: 866-578-4427 



Gas Emergency

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