Y O R K   C O U N T Y   N A T U R A L   G A S   A U T H O R I T Y                                                M A Y   2 0 1 6 


Field Trip Fun Teaches About Natural Gas

York County Natural Gas has partnered with the York County Cultural & Heritage Museum to sponsor field trips for area 5th Graders in Title One Schools. The museum program, titled Down Deep in the Earth includes a hands-on program identifying rocks and minerals in the Naturalist Center Lab along with a visit to the Settlemyre Planetarium.

The program is a perfect tie-in for natural gas, which is found down deep in the earth! As part of the session, students learn how natural gas is formed, mined, transported and used as energy in homes and businesses. The field trip is FREE and also includes a follow up visit from YCNGA representatives who present additional activities including a demonstration on how underground utilities are located and the importance of calling 811 before digging.


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Equalized Billing Program – Sign up in May!

Want to avoid the roller coaster ride of natural gas bills… high in the winter, low in the summer? Sign up for Equalized Billing in May and expect the same charge all year long. Call Customer Service at (803) 323-5304, Option 1 to have your usage analyzed and broken down into 11 equal payments. On the 12th month your actual charges are calculated and you are either billed the difference in the amount owed, or sent a check as reimbursement for the amount you did not use. The window for sign-ups is short so act fast. The plan begins billing on June 1st.

Note to our current Equalized Billing Customers
If you are already enrolled in the program we will analyze your account AFTER the May bill and make the necessary adjustments. There is no need to call. If adjustments are made the new payment amount will be shown on your June billing statement.

 wendys Don’t Fall for a Hoax, but if you Smell Gas.. Act Fast

Out west a telephone hoax has targeted fast food restaurants claiming the building has a gas leak. The caller, who identifies himself from the Fire Department, convinces the employees to evacuate customers from the building and then break all the windows to vent the gas.

A gas leak is a very serious matter and one that we handle in person, NOT over the phone. If you have a gas leak you should first be alerted by the smell. Natural gas has an added odorant which smells like rotten eggs. The proper response if you detect a gas leak is to evacuate the building and call 911 from a neighboring location. Do NOT call from the location where the leak is suspected as any spark could ignite the gas. Proper ventilation (opening a door or window) is acceptable, but breaking windows or doors is unnecessary and could also create a spark. Authority representatives will investigate the reported leak and let you know when it is safe to return. All Authority representatives have identification badges and drive vehicles with YCNGA decals.


Your Gas Meter is Our Property

York County Natural Gas owns and maintains the gas meter on your property. These meters should be accessible to YCNGA personnel at all times to handle customer service and safety concerns. Please do not block your meter by fencing it in or planting trees or bushes around it. Blocked meters limit our effectiveness and can also pose dangers to customers and our technicians. If we perform maintenance on your meter we will leave a door hanger letting your know.

Any attempt to move, tamper with or otherwise alter a gas meter carries a fine of $1,000. If you have any questions regarding your gas meter, please contact us at (803) 323-5304.



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