Please review the following factors that may contribute to higher gas consumption:

  • Outdoor Temperature
    When it is cold outside your heating system will kick on more frequently to keep your house at the temperature that your thermostat is set on. Heating Degree Days can then be used as a tool to determine the amount of energy needed for heating due to the outside temperatures. At YCNGA we monitor the highs and lows each day to find the Heating Degree Days.

  • Do you have 2 heating/cooling systems?
    Check the settings. If one is set on heat and one on air they are working against each other.

  • Are your doors and windows well sealed?
    Check for air leaks. You may need to caulk around your doors and windows.

  • What is your thermostat setting?
    Use these settings as a guide to reduce your gas consumption:How well is your house insulated?
    • 68 degrees or lower for energy savings
    • 65 degrees or lower while you are at work
    • 65 degrees or lower while you are sleeping
    • 60 degrees if away for a few days
    • 55 degrees if away longer than a few days

  • Insulation will help keep the warm air in and the cold air out.

  • Has your heating system been serviced in the past year?
    Have your heating system check yearly by a HVAC contractor and change your filter on a regular basis. A well maintained system works more efficiently.

  • Where is your water heater located? Have you checked it for a water leak?
    During colder months your tank water heater will come on more often to keep your water warm. It will work even harder to keep the water warm if it is in a garage, attic or outside. The old saying "out of sight, out of mind" applies here remember to regularly check for leaks. Have your water heater flushed once a year to keep it running efficiently.

  • Do you have high ceilings?
    Hot air rises. Higher ceilings will require the heating system to work more.

  • How long was your billing period?
    The number of days in your billing period may have an effect on your bill especially in the winter. Although most billing periods are approximately 30 days there are times when your billing period may be longer or shorter.

  • Why Is My Neighbors Bill Lower Than Mine?
    There are many factors that affect gas consumption. Even though you may have a home that is very similar it is important to avoid comparing your bill to others.




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