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YCNGA Fee Summary                                                    Updated 04.08.16

Residential Service    $      0 - 300.00
Commercial Service $ 200.00 minimum
Public Building Service $ 150.00 minimum
Industrial Service (Rate 50) $ 300.00 minimum
All other service types     contact us
                                    (Based on connected load)
Service Origination Fee    
All Service Types $ 25.00
Service Line Fee    

Residential Service  
(includes service line up to 300 ft) 

  • for Central Heat AND Water Heat
  $ 0  
  • for Central Heat OR Water Heat
  $ 225.00  
  • for any other use
  $ 425.00  
 Commercial/Industrial Service    
  • service requiring 1" diameter pipe  
  $    225.00  plus $6.00/ft
  • service requiring 2" diameter pipe
  $ 225.00  plus $10.00/ft
Public Building & Commercial Service  
  • service requiring 2" diameter pipe or greater
Service Line Aid in Construction Fees (AIC)    
Residential Service & Public Buildings $ 4.00 /ft
Commercial Service 1" Service Line $ 6.00 /ft
Commercial Service 2" Service Line $ 10.00 /ft
Commercial Service 4" Service Line  Requires Quote
Directional Bores (if required)  Requires Quote
Grills  Requires Quote
Logs  Requires Quote
Generators  Requires Quote
Pool Heaters  Requires Quote
Service Calls   
During Business Hours Weekdays 8am-5pm $  75.00/hr  minimum
Emergency Service Weekdays after 5pm $ 150.00/hr  minimum
Emergency Service Weekends and Holidays $  225.00/hr  minimum
Returned Check Fee   
$ 30.00
Late Fee    
Percentage of Gas Charges (minimum $3.00)  5  %


Reconnect Fees    
Monday through Friday 8:00 - 3:30  $  75.00  
M-F after 3:30, no guarantee $ 125.00 
After 60 Days  $  125.00  


Meter Tampering Fee / Unauthorized Use    

Where meter has been removed, tampered with
or otherwise altered 

 $ 1000.00

*The Authority reserves the right to adjust or to establish a deposit requirement for Customers who no longer meet established credit criteria.



Natural gas appliances not only add value to your home but also reduce your overall energy costs.  

Get rebates up to $925 when you switch to natural gas from another energy source.


 *Hybrid systems and logs do not qualify


Additional tax credits may apply. Consult with your tax advisor.  Certain restrictions may apply. Program is subject to change or cancellation without notice.





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