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Broilmaster Qrave

Manufacturer: Broilmaster


The most VERSATILE and durable cooker known to man.  Whether slow cooking, steaming, smoking or grilling, the Broilmaster Qrave delivers.  Constructed of thick aluminum casting, the Qrave grill maintains a consistent cooking temperature for a variety of grilling options.  The stainless steel drip pan eliminates flair-ups and catches drips that vaporize and produce flavorful smoke.   Create additional smoke using the wood chip slide-out tray or steam your foods by filling the drip pan with water and closing the drain valve.   If you're looking for the perfect outdoor kitchen appliance, you've found it in the Broilmaster Qrave Grill.


Broilmaster Qrave QX3N


Retail Price on Grill Head:  $1025

YCNGA Price on Grill Head:  $720 

Posts start at: $120

Carts start at: $229

 Shelves start at: $70


  •    Stainless Steel Oval Burner adjusts from 26,500 Btu LP/25,000 Btu Nat. to 7,500 Btu 
          (cooks more than 50 hours on one tank on low)
  • Deep Cast Aluminum Grill Head Maintains Consistent Temperature
  • Two-Piece Stainless Steel Diamond Pattern Cooking Grids (2-level)  
  • Precision Probe Heat Indicator
  • Full-Area, Stainless Steel Drip Pan with Drain Valve
  • External Drip Bucket
  • Built-In Smoker Tray for Wood Chips or Pellets
  • Electric Igniter Lights All Season on One AA Battery
  • Made in USA 


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