Standard Tank Style Water Heater

Water heating accounts for almost 15% of your home’s energy usage.   Natural Gas water heaters provide hot water faster, use less energy and are environmentally friendly.

HOW IT WORKS:  A single-family storage water heater offers a ready reservoir -- from 20 to 80 gallons -- of hot water. It operates by releasing hot water from the top of the tank when you turn on the hot water tap. To replace that hot water, cold water enters the bottom of the tank, ensuring that the tank is always full.

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 The Benefits of Natural Gas

 Quick Recovery - Gas heats water up to twice as fast as electric water heaters lowering your energy usage and your overall operating costs.

 Lower operating costs— Heating your water with natural gas is considerably less expensive than doing so with electricity. Annual operating costs are often hundreds less depending on the efficiency factor of the unit.

 Reliability— Natural gas water heaters have a standing pilot and work even when the power’s out.

 Environmentally friendly—Clean burning natural gas helps lower your carbon footprint.

Types of Water Heaters


Standard direct-vent water heaters require no electric power and are designed for horizontal venting up to approximately 4 feet from the outside wall. By drawing combustion air from
the outside, direct-vent water heaters eliminate potential problems cause by inadequate ventilation. Because they vent horizontally,
they are a good choice for applications where installation of vertical venting would be impractical or overly expensive

Standard Atmospheric or Top-Vent

Serving millions of homeowners for years, they operate by drawing in air around the water heater and venting vertically through the roof of the home. With a standing pilot, standard top vent water heaters require no electricity to operate.


SIZING your Water Heater
Things to

     The size of your family
     The number of bathrooms in your home
     The quantity of hot water you use for any given activity during the day
     The recovery rate of the hot water heater
     The first-hour rating, which tells you the amount of hot water the heater
     can deliver in an hour

     The energy efficiency factor (EF) rating

Learn more about the amended Energy Efficiency Standards for 2015

     Extend the life of your water heater:

      Flush your heater


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