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Natural Gas Rebates & Tax Credits for Tankless Water Heaters

Incentives that make energy efficiency even more attractive and attainable

Available Rebates / Tax Credits

  appliance efficiency manufacturer
rebate *
YCNGA Incentive*

YCNGA Residential
Conversion Rebate* 

tax credit-2016 
 Rinnai Luxury  RL75  0.82 n/a no current offers $400  up to $300
 Rinnai Luxury RL94  0.82  n/a no current offers $400  up to $300
State Condensing Tankless
Water Heater GTS540
 0.95  n/a  no current offers $400  up to $300
Interest free financing available for
qualified homeowers after 30% down
*When converting
from another energy
source to natural gas 

 tax credits expired
the end of 2016

YCNGA Tankless Water Heater Rebate
Switch to natural gas from another energy source and get a $400 rebate, applied to your purchase order. Ask your YCNGA sales representative for more details.


Energy Efficiency Tax Credits
All tankless water heaters sold by YCNGA have an efficiency factor of 0.82 or higher and qualify for federal energy tax credits through the end of 2016.   As with other tax credits, there are specific requirements that are necessary to fully qualify.  Be sure to review the Residential Energy Efficiency Tax Credit guidelines and speak with a tax advisor before filing.


Interest Free Financing 

We offer interest-free financing on tankless water heaters up to 36 months. Homeowners who qualify pay 30% down with the remaining balance placed on their monthly gas bill... interest-free!  

Certain restrictions apply.  Ask a sales associate for more information.

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Buy with confidence.  We make it easy!

Our sales team completes all manufacturer rebate forms and product warranties for you!  We've been in the gas business for 60 years and we service what we sell.  


To speak to a Sales Associate about any of our premium products, call (803) 323-5315












Natural gas appliances not only add value to your home but also reduce your overall energy costs.  

Get rebates up to $925 when you switch to natural gas from another energy source.


 *Hybrid systems and logs do not qualify


Additional tax credits may apply. Consult with your tax advisor.  Certain restrictions may apply. Program is subject to change or cancellation without notice.