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Levelized Billing

Make bills more predictable by paying the same amount each month.

Sign up in May for LBP (Levelized Billing Program).

How Does It Work?

Based on the billing history at the service address, we will calculate your equal payment amount, which will be billed monthly for eleven (11) months. In the 12th month, we calculate the difference between the actual gas charges and the payments received. If your charges were more than your payments, you will be billed for the difference. If your actual charges were LESS than your budgeted payments, a credit will be applied to your account.

Current Customers

If you are already using the Levelized Billing Program (LBP), we will analyze your account after the reconciliation bill in May. If changes are needed, we will adjust the equal payment amount accordingly. The revised payment amount will be shown on your billing statement following the reconciliation. If a refund is due, the amount will show on your final billing and a credit will be applied to the account.  Any credit on the account will be applied to next year’s calculation, reducing the amount of your levelized monthly payment.  No refund checks will be issued.

How Do I Enroll?

Enrollment in the Levelized Billing Program (LBP) takes place in May and billing begins in June.

You must have 12 months of billing history at the service address to be eligible for the program.

Call our customer service department at (803) 323-5304 AFTER you receive your May bill.