Safety Awareness Phone Survey Begins Nov 9

Safety Awareness Phone Survey Begins Nov 9

As part of our ongoing efforts to provide safe and reliable natural gas service for our customers, York County Natural Gas is conducting a phone survey beginning November 9th,  to determine the level of the public’s knowledge about natural gas safety.

Over the next several weeks, our natural gas customers may receive a phone call asking them to participate in the survey.  The survey, which is automated, consists of several short questions and should take only a few minutes to complete.

The survey call will come from (803) 792-0147, and the company will identify themselves as calling on behalf of York County Natural Gas.   The questions asked will strictly be about natural gas safety – This is NOT a sales or marketing call.

When it comes to natural gas safety, we follow federal guidelines which specify key messages to be communicated.  Federal rules also require us to evaluate how well our communications are working.  The phone survey helps us measure the effectiveness of our communications and adjust our future messaging to ensure understanding and awareness.

If you receive a call, please take a few minutes to provide your answers. The information will help us fine-tune our efforts to ensure the safety of all those who live in York and Cherokee Counties.  Thank you for your support.