Interest-Free Financing

Put it on your gas bill, interest-free!  When you purchase and install natural gas appliances through York County Natural Gas, we’ll finance your purchase interest-free with certain restrictions:
  • Must be a year-round residential YCNGA customer in good-standing
  • Must be the homeowner
  • YCNGA must install the appliance
  • Other credit criteria may apply

Customers who qualify, place a minimum down payment of 25% when the contract is made, then choose a finance period up to 36 months, depending on the amount of the purchase.

  • Minimum amount to finance is $250
  • All appliances including installation up to $1,499 = 12 month financing
  • All appliances including installation up to $2,499 = 18 months financing
  • All appliances including installation up to $2,500 – $5,000 = 36 months financing

If you move or cancel your service, the remaining balance will be due in full.  Once final billed, the balance of the contract will be due and payable before another account is turned on.

When shopping for logs, grills or water heaters, consider the advantages of choosing the natural gas experts to install your purchase, and ask a sales associate about interest-free financing on your gas bill!

We also offer rebates when you SWITCH to natural gas from another energy source.  Learn more about rebates