What it means to Go Tankless

When you go tankless you lose the holding tank that constantly fills and heats water, even when you’re not using it. Tankless water heating systems are often referred to as “on demand”, meaning they heat incoming water only when you need it. A powerful heat exchanger is activated by the incoming flow of water and is heated to a preset temperature that you control. This compact unit, the size of a carry-on suitcase, can be mounted almost anywhere you choose, inside or out.

Never worry about running out of hot water again.

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Advantages of a Tankless Water Heater

continuous hot water

Continuous Hot Water

For back-to-back showers, a full (and hot) garden tub, multiple water fixture tasks throughout the house.

cost efficiency2

Cost Efficiency

Tankless units have a higher efficiency rating and lower your home’s energy consumption resulting in lower energy bills. Water is heated only when it is used eliminating the need to store and heat water 24 hours a day.

less maintenance2

Less Maintenance & Worry

The lifespan of a tankless unit is twice that of a traditional tank unit and is backed by a hefty warranty, typically 12-years on the heat exchanger. Without a tank, there’s less worry over leaks or ruptures.

and more

& More …

Digital Control Pad
allows you to set the desired temperature and prevent scalding accidents.

Condensing Units
trap the condensation and reuse it provide additional efficiency and savings.

Recirculating Systems
some units come with a recirculation pump eliminating the ‘cold water sandwich’ and providing instant hot water. Some systems even learn your habits, having hot water ready for you at the same time each day.

How Tankless Works

A gas tankless water heater is an efficient appliance that uses a heat exchanger to heat water only when it’s needed, which can help you save on your energy bill.

  • Hot water is turned on.
  • Water enters the appliance.
  • The water flow sensor detects the water flow.
  • The computer signals the burner(s) to ignite.
  • Water circulates through the heat exchanger.
  • The heat exchanger heats the water to the designated temperature.
  • When the tap is turned off, the unit shuts down.

Tankless Maintenance

Keep your tankless running efficiently with a check-up and flush. Ongoing maintenance helps keep your heat exchanger free from scale buildup which impacts the efficiency of the unit and it’s lifespan. ALL water heaters, tank or tankless can have scale buildup over time. The good news is a tankless flush will quickly clean the buildup and lengthen the life of your appliance.

Tankless Check-up and Flush $129

Schedule your service by calling our service department at (803) 323-5304, option 3.

Please note: A pre-installed drain kit is necessary to run the flush service. YCNGA installs a drain kit as part of our standard installation, but other installers may not. If your tankless does not have a drain kit we will not be able to run the flush through your unit.

Protect your Exterior Mounted tankless unit during a power outage

Freeze protection comes standard on all Rinnai Tankless Water Heaters. As long as there is both power and gas supply to the appliance, freeze protection guards against outside temperatures as cold as -22°F (‐30°C) for indoor models, or as cold as -4° F (-20° C) for outdoor models when protected from direct wind exposure. Because of the “wind-chill” effect, any wind or circulation of the air on the unit will reduce the effectiveness of freeze protection.

If the Rinnai Tankless Water Heater will be dormant or loses power during a period of possible below-freezing temperatures, it is recommended the water be drained from the unit.

If the Rinnai unit or the external piping has frozen, do not operate the tankless water heater.

Natural Gas Rebates & Tax Credits
for Tankless Water Heaters

Incentives that make energy efficiency even more attractive and attainable

Available Rebates / Tax Credits:

Rinnai Luxury RL75  »  Efficiency: 0.82 »  Manufacturer Rebate: $100 »  YCNGA Incentive: no current offers  »  YCNGA Residential Conversion Rebate: $400  »  Energy Tax Credits: expired 2016

Rinnai Luxury RL94  »  Efficiency: 0.82 »  Manufacturer Rebate: $100  »  YCNGA Incentive: no current offers  »  YCNGA Residential Conversion Rebate: $400  »  Energy Tax Credits: expired 2016

Rinnai RUR98 Recirculating  »  Efficiency: 0.92 »  Manufacturer Rebate: n/a  »  YCNGA Incentive: no current offers  »  YCNGA Residential Conversion Rebate: $400  »  Energy Tax Credits: expired 2016


Rinnai Luxury RL75

Rinnai Luxury RL94

Rinnai RUR98 Recirculating










no current offers

no current offers

no current offers






expired 2016

expired 2016

expired 2016

*Interest free financing available for qualified homeowners after 20% down
*When converting from another energy source to natural gas
*No current tax credits available

Rinnai Rebate:  $100 off tankless water heater models RL75 and RL94.  Offer available to YCNGA customers only and expires 12/31/2017.

YNCGA Tankless Water Heater Rebate

Switch to natural gas from another energy source and get a $400 rebate, applied to your purchase order. Ask your YCNGA sales representative for more details.

Interest Free Financing

We offer interest-free financing on tankless water heaters up to 36 months. Homeowners who qualify pay 20% down with the remaining balance placed on their monthly gas bill… interest-free!

Certain restrictions apply.  Ask a sales associate for more information.

Buy with confidence. We make it easy!

Our sales team completes all manufacturer rebate forms and product warranties for you!  We’ve been in the gas business for 60 years and we service what we sell.

To speak to a Sales Associate about any of our premium products, call (803) 323-5315