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For Your Business

At York County Natural Gas, we understand that energy costs can be one of the major factors in a company’s decision to expand or relocate. We are committed to providing our customers with cost-effective, clean and reliable energy for your business needs.

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Business Development Services

We have the construction resources you need to get natural gas to your next project. We’re here to support you from installation services to meter placement and efficient gas appliances.

Contact us for assistance in bringing natural gas service to your development.
We’ll help with:

  • The application process and procedures
  • Coordinating site plan reviews with our engineering team
  • Determining the appropriate sizing requirements
  • Scheduling throughout the project
  • Arranging for meter sets to be completed (typically within 72 hours of your call, excluding weekends and holidays).

Industrial Customers

To inquire about the availability of natural gas to your industrial site call Business Development at (803) 323-5354 or email us. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.

7 - Aerial - Westgate

Service Lines

York County Natural Gas Authority will normally extend residential service lines up to 300 feet provided central heating system (gas pack or central furnace) and water heat are installed.

If the service line requires directional borings, creek, bridge or railroad crossings, or any other obstacle, then it is not considered a normal service line and may require aid-in-construction fees. A service line request may be denied if these obstacles prove to be physically or financially prohibitive.

For any request beyond 300 feet, an aid-in-construction fee will be charged.

Meter & Piping Information

Standard Residential Meter Set

YCNGA is prohibited from installing a meter without evidence that the piping has been tested, inspected and approved in accordance with the appropriate codes. The installation of the house piping is subject to inspection and approval by an authorized representative of the municipal or county regulatory agency having jurisdiction.

House Piping

The term house piping refers to pipes installed between the meter and each natural gas appliance located in the home. The customer is responsible for the installation and maintenance of all piping from the meter to your natural gas equipment (i.e. space heater, water heater or stove, etc.). YCNGA is licensed to install house piping to any appliance that we sell (installation costs vary). Please contact our Sales and Installation Department for additional questions regarding house piping.

Commercial Water Heating Solutions

Rinnai Commercial Condensing Tankless

Give your buildings a more efficient and reliable source of hot water with the Rinnai Energy Star certified condensing tankless unit available in indoor and outdoor models. Tankless water heaters supply commercial buildings with an endless supply of hot water while saving thousands in operational and life cycle costs.

Rinnai Tankless Rack System

Tankless technology provides an endless supply of hot water and the Tankless Rack System provides the ability to link multiple units together, giving redundancy and ensuring the business remains open 24/7/365.  When operating, multiple tankless water heaters linked together with multi-system controls are designed to supply equal amounts of hot water.

Rinnai Demand Duo™ Commercial Hybrid System

The Demand Duo provides hot water performance for peak demand, with a supply that goes the distance. Combining the on-demand, continuous supply of tankless with a 119-gallon tank, condensing technology produces consistent water temperatures for smooth business operations and multiple venting options offer installation flexibility.

Business Contact Information

Service Line Requests & Rebates

Customer Service

  Phone: (803) 323-5304, option 1

Residential Development Services

Joel Talley

Marketing Representative
  Phone: (803) 323-5377
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Commercial Development Services

Benton Eavenson

Marketing Representative
  Phone: (803) 323-5354
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Appliance Sales

  Phone: (803) 323-5315
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Service Line Requests & Rebates

Customer Service

  Phone: (803) 323-5304, option 1

Residential Development Services

Michael Carruth

Marketing Representative
  Phone: (803) 323-5381
  Send an Email

Commercial Development Services

Brandon Berger

Marketing Representative
  Phone: (803) 323-5455
  Send an Email

Appliance Sales

  Phone: (803) 323-5315
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Natural Gas
Industrial Service

York County is known for its commitment to promoting business growth and expansion while offering economic opportunities and efficient energy sources.

The Authority works diligently to provide natural gas service to any industry interested in locating to our service territory. Mains may be extended to serve prospective industrial sites with a qualifying load.

To inquire about the availability of natural gas to your industrial site call Business Development at (803) 323-5458 or email us.

Industrial Parks
in York County

All current industrial parks in York County are served with natural gas. For the locations of Industrial Parks in our service area click here.


Industrial Park

Our commitment to the communities we serve and to prospective industrial customers is clearly demonstrated by the development of the Westgate Industrial Park in Clover, SC.

  • 130 acre Westgate Industrial Park
  • Located adjacent to SR 321 outside of Clover, South Carolina
  • Easy access to Interstate 77 and Interstate 85
  • 32 miles to Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Restrictive covenants protect the character of the park and its occupant’s investment
  • A quality work force with specialized training available in nearby Rock Hill at York Technical College
  • Five acre lots and up
  • The Clover School District is recognized as one of the best in the southeastern United States
  • Beautiful Lake Wylie and a sedate country setting are a contrast to nearby Charlotte
  • Charlotte provides a multitude of cultural and social activities as well as professional football and basketball
  • The Port of Charleston, Blue Ridge Mountains and the gorgeous South Carolina coast are all within a 3-hour drive
  • Land is reasonably priced

Bellycastle Dr @ US Hwy 321, Clover, SC